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taking you from girl to gurrrl...

more than

just lashes...

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...confidence applied directly to the face

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What to expect on your first visit.

Expect checking in to take a few minutes before we can get started on your lashes. Give yourself enough time for your appointment. It can take between 90 to 120 minutes for your lashes to be complete. Firstly we'll go through getting your consent for lashes to be done and then we'll move into a closed private room for your appointment. Before we start on your lashes, we'll have a brief consultation for what type of lashes you'll be getting and start cleansing your lashes to prep for new set. At this point you can ask any questions you may have.

There is a great possibility that you may feel very comfortable and even fall asleep. This is 100% acceptable as lash naps are FREE ;) 

TIP: Avoid using waterproof mascara 2 days prior to your appointment. Avoid curling your lashes the day of your appointment. Avoid caffeine on the day of appointment as it can be difficult to lie still. Avoid and showing up with contact lenses.

​Providing pictures of desired lashes is good to give the lash artist an idea of the end results you hope for. 

When your appointment is done, you'll be given clear instructions for aftercare and also be given a complimentary spoolie (clean mascara wand) and disposable lipstick wand as an aftercare kit. 

You can also expect COMPLIMENTS​! Yes, many compliments once your family , friends and colleagues see how great you'l look when lashes are all done.

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Make sure you turn up with a fresh face. Remove all eye makeup and avoid using sunscreen or products with oil. 
​If you already have lashes on, be sure to let your lash artist know so extra time to remove lashes can be scheduled in. 
Arriving early to your appointment is always a good idea.  
​Before you arrive...
​If you suddenly become unavailable for your lash appointment, please make sure you can give as much notice as possible so we can try our best to fill the available appointment. 
​Aftercare is ablsoluetly important and necessary for the longevity of your lashes. To avoid wasting your money and damaging your natural lashes as well as losing lashes prematurely, it is key to take good care of your lashes.
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You may not realize this but for you to gain maximum value for your money, taking care of your lashes is everything. 

​Here are some basic after care instructions that will help keep your lashes full and healthy before you need a fill!... 

- Keep your lashes clean. Your natural lashes primary role is to protect your eyes from dirt or bacteria, so keeping your lashes clean means avoiding bacteria build up on your lashes. clean them daily!

- Avoid using water proof mascara or any oil based makeup products around the lash line area.

- Keep your lashes brushed and aligned using your clean sploolie from your appointment.

- Avoid usuing an eyelash curler 


​- Always consult with your eyelash specialist about all your concerns.